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Six Reasons why Companies Spend Two Million to Hire Management Consultants

Consultants can have a negative reputation – charging $2 million for 12 week’s work. Here, we are going to focus on the positive side and answer why companies hire consultants.

Here are 6 reasons why companies hire consultants:

1) Staff augmentation.

The least impactful role that consultants can play. Businesses often have short to medium-term staffing demands thanks to a variety of variables (eg latest downsizings, abrupt expansion). Advisors in this scenario”plug a hole” for the firm by filling the role of full-time employees.

2) External change force.

It can be difficult for employers to do what is right particularly in regards to job growth, salary and benefit changes/reduction, and major operational and strategic shifts. Hiring advisers can be a way to reach the desired decisions with sufficient political cover in case certain parties are miserable or things fail.

3) Best practices across functions and industries.

Advisers have the uncommon privilege of:

  • Serving multiple clients in the same industry.
  • Serving Many clients facing similar issues across different sectors.

This permits them to comprehend common attributes of successful alternatives, applying lessons learned in related conditions. This knowledge is partially institutionalized at every consulting company nonetheless, a lot of the data is present in the collective heads of partners and to some lesser extent, senior advisers.

4) Analytical horsepower.

Companies may need help solving issues and implementing strategies in which their skillsets and knowledge are insufficient. Advisors can be of great value given their training and capabilities.

5) Fresh perspective.

Businesses often need a new set of eyes. It can be easy to fall into daily routines without a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and progress.

6) Training and skillset augmentation.

The top recommendations are useless if clients can’t implement and preserve suggested changes. Therefore, a large portion of what consultants do is educate client workers on necessary knowledge, abilities, and mindsets.


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